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Europe has plenty of rich and beautiful cultures, and one of the most famous and renowned ones is by far the French culture. They have developed masterfully so many activities and branches of art that they have earned their place among the top cultural references in the world. Architecture, cuisine, films and various forms of artistic expressions are among the most appreciated creations of the French people. Over centuries of cultural advancement, they have developed a unique style and a very particular view of the world, that gives them their trademark identity.

We can feel this identity in all they do, and one of the many things the French people excel at is the design of gardens and parks. Paris itself hosts some of the most beautifully landscaped parks in Europe, and other places of the country do have their own wonderful green areas where you can spend the whole sunny afternoon enjoying the sight, the scent of flowers and leaves, and the calm water of artificial lakes. Masterful sculptures, winding paths and entertaining mazes are commonplace in a French park. 

French landscape experts and park designers have been hired all over the world to work in very famous gardens in other continents, and they are always guarantee of sophistication and good taste. And what better place to enjoy French gardens than in the very cradle of their style and design, which is France itself?

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France sounds like a pretty standard and pretty expensive destination for a touristic travel, right? In some way, it is. It is nothing less that the top touristic destination in the world, with millions and millions of visitors every year. Now, this doesn't mean that if you go to France you will have to endure long queues, high prices and quite disappointing, staged attractions. There is mainstream tourism and then there is smart tourism, and here is a pro tip for a great time in France, visiting amazing places with the best company, and prices so convenient you might not believe it.

We have checked on several websites that offer guided tours and visits to the most famous and most beautiful gardens in France, and our pick for the day is actually our favourite site for alternative tourism. Here you will find great ideas, fun activities and experiences you will never forget.

Guest in the City is a travel website that offers a new view on French tourism. When you check their offers, you will see a long list of activities and accommodation opportunities in many places in France. What is great about Guest in the City is that it connects travelers from any place in the world with the best local hosts in France. They aren't like those people you'll find at regular travel agencies, with their monotonous guide speech they have performed a thousand times already, disinterested eyes and standard schedules only comprised of places everyone's seen a million times. 

These friendly locals are just that, people who live in France, have the spirit and the culture of this wonderful country, and are glad to share their knowledge and experience with you. They are especially selected by the Guest in the City crew and offer to take you for a walk, show you hidden places in the city, tell you anecdotes, take you to the most fun activities and even share their meals with you at their family table. 

You can book a guided tour in Paris or many other places and see the most beautiful French gardens by yourself, spend the day there, and discover the hidden spots where natural, local French people go to rest or children play every day. It doesn't get more authentic, peaceful or beautiful than that. Does it?

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Click here to get more information about the best parks and gardens in Paris. In addition, we suggest that you visit guestinthecity.com in case you are interested in travelling to France to see French gardens and parks. You can book a whole stay there by combining offerings you'll find on their website. For example, you can find meals, cooking classes, outdoor activities, cultural activities and accommodation with locals in one or more places in France. Their beautiful website displays ratings for the hosts and guides, which is a nice feature when it comes to making the right selection for your vacation. It also allows you to view your host's availability calendar and to make a reservation online with a credit card.

You can have an unforgettable experience by getting in contact with the true and authentic French daily life, with all its small details, scents, tastes and anecdotes. If you book your vacations with Guest in the City you will definitively live an experience worth every second of it.


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