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Are you doing your part to protect the environment?

Small changes make a big difference

Much has been said about the importance of protecting our environment, but how much do you really do about it? How much of your life have you actually changed so you reduce your negative impact on our planet?

In many cases, people are just too apathetic to bother to make any change at all, but in others, they just don't know what they can do. They believe that only big changes can have an actual impact on the environment, changes that are in the hands of large power structures like governments or companies. However, this is not true. As a matter of fact, there are countless things people can do to help protect our ecosystems, and most of them imply small changes in their daily routines or activities. A mere movement of your hand to turn off a light you're not using or walking a few extra steps to the garbage bin instead of dropping a paper on the ground will do a great difference over time, and the more people do it, the greater this impact will be.

So for all of you who think protecting the environment is a larger than life task that goes beyond their reasonable possibilities, here are many ideas for changes you can do in your lives that actually help protect our environment for ourselves as well as the future generations to come.

Reducing pollution

You know for sure about a couple ways to reduce carbon foootprint with some changes in your life. For example, riding a bicycle to work or walking instead of using your car. And maybe you won't do it. You might live far away from your workplace, or need to take your kids with you to school, or any other reason why you would use your car anyway. However, there are ways to reduce pollution that don't necessarily involve such a huge impact in your routine. For example, instead of cycling to work, you can convert your car to LPG and reduce toxic exhaust and fuel consumption; LPG conversion, repairs and servicing is cheaper and more accessible than most people think.

Following the same logic, you can make some other changes in your life, and even get some side benefits like reducing your bills or improving your health. Saving energy with green lightbulbs or LED lights also helps reduce pollution caused by power plants. Installing one or two solar panels on your roof will have the same effect and might help you get rid of some taxes. Disposing vegetable oil properly instead of pouring it into the sink will decrease water pollution. Recycling plastic waste and other non-biodegradable garbage will also reduce land pollution and protect animal species that could die because of choking or getting intoxicated with waste.

All forms of green energy reduce pollution in one way or another, because their production and exploitation produces less to no toxic waste that goes into the environment. Also, using non toxic products like natural paints and biodegradable dishwasher are a long term way to keep our Earth clean and habitable for longer.

Taking care of air and water

Air and water are two things that we take for granted. They are always there, so what does it matter if we need them? We will always have them. Right?

If you want to have access to clean air and water for the rest of your life, and you wish the same for the future generation, you need to protect those basic resources today. Don't waste water, especially if it is potable. Reduce unnecessary use, no matter how fun it is for your kids to play with the garden hose in summer, you are wasting precious water. Close the tap when you are not using it and fix it if it has any leaks. 

Air pollution is another big issue of concern for us today. Reducing carbon footprint is just a part of it. Acid rain can damage structures and plantations, so reducing exhaust and toxic emissions is fundamental. Remember to use only CFC-free aerosols and products in order to protect the ozone. Be careful if you use fire, for example when you go camping, and definitely don't use it to clear out plantations. Big fires emit large volumes of carbon dioxide that contribute to the greenhouse effect and, therefore, global warming.

As you can see, there are many small things you can do to make your life more environmentally friendly. Read this list and start making those changes today. People in future generations will live in the world you create today.


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