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Looking for knowledge on how to take care of your garden? Want to find a resource that provides you suggestion on improving the condition of your garden? Want to know what to grow in your garden to make it productive as well as attractive? You no longer need to worry because, this website has all the information you are looking for! Gardens are part of most homes and they need to be kept well to make sure they add to the beauty of a place. If gardens are left untended, their condition can deteriorate and it can become a black spot on the beauty of the home.


There are many things you would require to know if you want to maintain a garden in your home. The first and foremost is to determine what kind of plants and flowers you would like to have in your garden. You can grow plants which have beautiful and attractive flowers to make your garden look stunning and sublime. In addition to the exquisite and fancy plants, you can also have vegetable plants in your garden. You can use the fruits of these plants for consumption in your home.


While you can grow whatever you want in your garden you need to know about plant types and the conditions in which they can grow. In addition to knowing which plants to grow in different seasons, it is also essential to know about the different pests, insects and fungi that can infect your garden and ruin it. In the event that pests infect your garden you should have pesticides and fungicides to get rid of them. You would also need to get rid of infected plants to stop the infection to spread.


Weeds can also hurt your plants by extracting all the energy and food nutrients from the soil, so you need to remove them from time to time as well. Using fertilizers ensures that your plants are always in good health and can survive any pest attack or weed growth. There are organic alternatives which you can use in place of fertilizers to strengthen the health of your garden plants.


Garden Info

Taking care of your garden is a tough and complex task and you would want to get as much help as possible! We at garden information run a website just for the purpose. Our website contains self help articles for taking care of your garden. We have also listed general tips for every aspect of gardening on our website. The information spans from planning a garden to decorating it with lights, pets and birds to make your evenings cheerful and ENTERTAINING! If you would follow advice on our website, your garden would always remain healthy and green.


Our website has updated articles almost every week about the different seasonal flowers and plants which can be grown in a particular season. Our website also provides information about places from where you can buy different gardening tools, healthy seeds of different plants and flowers, pesticides and fertilizers. We also have experts who have knowledge about organic fertilizers and pesticides. In short, our website is a one stop shop for all your gardening requirements!


Garden Care Tips



  • Remember that types of soil have different watering needs.
  • Remember to mow your lawn as frequently as possible.
  • It is good to leave grass clippings to decompose on the lawn.
  • Animal manure are the best possible form of fertilizers.
  • Get rid of weeds when they are small.


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